Paving Replacement

Replacing Pavement at the Right Time

The time will come when the old pavement needs to be totally milled and repaved. But, with the right maintenance routine throughout its life cycle, well installed asphalt can last 20+ years. And when the time comes for paving replacement, the key to a successful paving project that keeps paying you dividends are these:

1. Inspect the old surface to identify issues with the original base or sub-base.

• After the surface is totally milled and cleaned out, examine the base and fix any problems before you repave; an investment here will pay dividends in the long-run.

• A paving expert can tell what the problems are with the foundation from the nature of the issues on the surface. This makes having a qualified expert like Advanced Pavement Technologies of New Jersey conduct your annual inspection to give you this input while the damage is limited and easier to fix.

• If the surface only needs an overlay, be sure that the curb reveal is over 6” to channel water and for safety, as well as looks, after the new asphalt is applied. If it’s too short, milling and paving is required before more asphalt can be added.

2. Use a fabric interlay before adding the new pavement.

• Do what you can afford, but at least consider the most trafficked and vulnerable areas for fabric below the new asphalt. Again, this will extend the life of the investment you are about to make.

3. Add enough new pavement depth to achieve a 2” compacted depth.

• Make sure your contractor installs all the pavement quoted on the bid. You have the right to see the bill of lading for the asphalt purchased for your property.

4. Start the appropriate maintenance routine right away.

• Consider applying rejuvenant to strengthen the pavement, or set up a regular schedule for applying seal coating. This protects your investment and extends its life by shielding it from sun, water, and wear. (Read about rejuvenations vs. seal coating.)

5. Sweep regularly to keep sand and other debris for surface integrity.

• If sand, gravel, and loose aggregate accumulate, the surface will break down from accelerated wear and tear, and water undermine the pavement.

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" Last week the parking lot repairs were completed. Wanted to let you know they did an excellent job. From barricading off the work zones to keep customer disruption to a minimum and the scheduling process from milling to paving, was all done quickly and professionally. Ted Wilson was on site and kept us informed of the process from start to finish. This project was completed in two days ! Look forward to next year’s process with Advanced Pavement Technologies. "

Angie Walker, Property Manager,
Northland Mall LLC