Paving Fabric Overlay

Paving Fabric Makes your Parking Lot Better than New

If the original base for the lot was well done, and is still solid and stable, you can add an overlay of two or more inches of compacted asphalt top smooth everything out and make it look new. There are three keys to making this type of overlay a real extension of the useful life of the lot, and not justy a temporary cosmetic fix:

1. Make sure that the network of cracks is not too dense or too deep. If they are, use the patching method described above first.

2. Over the most heavily trafficked areas or sections where cracks have already begun, install a paving fabric interlay (APT uses Petromat®.) This prevents cracks from reflecting up through the overlay at the rate of about 1/2 in. of overlay per year.

3. Install at least 2 in. of new compacted asphalt, making sure that the edges are properly keyed with the old surface. How well these edges bond with the old surface determines how long the new surface will look good and keep from unraveling starting at the edges.

It’s timing that determines whether a maintenance routine is proactive and preventive, or whether it is corrective (therefore, reactive). If you follow the appropriate schedule, the protective shield remains in place. As the following chart below shows, spending two dollars to keep the pavement surface in tact and the condition good to very good can save you from spending three to four times that amount later when conditions have deteriorated to poor or fair.

Studies have shown that other “preventive maintenance, when applied at the appropriate time, is 3 to 6 times more cost effective than providing no preventive maintenance” and having to prematurely rehabilitate the pavement. (source: Benchmark, Inc.) Building Operating Management in its December 2002 issue also reported spectacular returns (over 500% for parking lots) for investments in preventive maintenance. (“Thinking Like a CFO: Prevention Pays”)